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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide


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X To set up a scanner profile when scanning with a TWAIN driver (not VRS)


Determine the appropriate name to use when you save the scanner profile XML file.
The file name must match the scanner name as it appears in the Web Client.
To view the name: On a client workstation that the scanner is connected to, in the Web

Client, go to Inbox Options | Scanner Settings tab. The name appears in the list box for the

selected scanner.
For naming the XML file, use only the following characters that appear in the displayed

scanner name: letters and numbers, period (.), and hyphen (-). For any other character,

such as a space, replace the character with an underscore character (_).
For example, to create a scanner profile XML file for the scanner name that appears as

Canon DR-2010C TWAIN, name the file Canon_DR-2010C_TWAIN.xml.


In the \conf\ScannerProfiles folder, locate and copy the sample_profile.xml file. Then,

rename the copied file with the name determined in Step 1.


The scanner profile schema, WebScanProfiles.xsd, is located in the <installation


Server\Avalin\jboss\server\avalin\conf\schemas\ScannerProfiles folder. Refer to the

schema to review the valid elements, attributes, and settings for the scanner profile XML



With an appropriate editor, open the scanner profile XML file and edit the settings. Then,

save the file.


Changes made to a scanner profile while a user is logged on to the Web Client

are not available until the user logs out and logs on again.

The following is an example of a scanner profile XML file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<Profile xmlns=""



<ColorMode Value="Grayscale" />

<PageSize Value="LETTER" />

<ScanDPI Value="200" />




Although you can use a scanner profile XML file when scanning with VRS, it is

recommended that you use Twacker to set up the scanner profile.

Setting Up to Use a Kofax Document Scan Server

To successfully scan with a Kofax Document Scan Server, you need to establish the connection

with the Web Client.


You can change some scan settings in the \conf\ file. See

Changing the

Default VRS Settings for Document Scan Server

for instructions.

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