Kofax Front-Office Server 3.0 User Manual

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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide

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Changing the Location of the Master Configuration File

During installation a shared folder is specified or created, and the file MasterConfig.properties is

created in the root of the share. This file contains several properties that are used by other Kofax

Front-Office Server components (for example, the migration utilities and the IIS component

installer), so the components need to be able to find MasterConfig.properties when they are run.

How do the components find the file? The SharedFolder.properties file in the \conf folder

contains the share property, whose value for “share” is the location of the share specified or

created during installation.

Anytime after installation, you can specify a different location for the shared folder to contain the

file. Before changing the location, create the share noting the following:


Make sure that the user account that runs the KofaxServer service has read/write access to

the folder you specify. If you want to limit access, add the service user account as a user for

that shared folder. For information about locating and changing the service user account,

refer to

Example of Setting Up a Watched Folder on page 22



Make sure that the folder is configured for read and write access. Selecting a read-only

folder can cause program errors.


Note the full UNC path, a full drive letter path from a local drive, or a path that is relative

to the \bin folder. Mapped network drives are not certified. If you have clustered storage

in a highly available environment, you can use Microsoft Cluster Service to create a file

share accessible through a UNC path and specify the clustered storage.


Do not remove the shared folder or the \scanjobs or \Inboxes folders that may be in

the share. A description of those folder’s use and instructions on changing their location are in the

next section

Changing the Location of the Master Configuration File


X To change the location of MasterConfig.properties


In the \conf folder, locate the SharedFolder.properties file and open it in a text editor.


Locate the property


, and enter the value in the appropriate format:


UNC path to the folder in //server/share name format.


A local drive on a server running Kofax Front-Office Server. Use forward slashes, such

as C:/folder.


Save the file.


Copy the file to the \conf folder on each machine in a cluster.


Stop and restart Kofax Front-Office Server on each machine in the cluster.

Changing the Locations for Scanned Images and Inboxes

During installation a shared folder is specified or created, and the following folders are created in

the shared folder:


The \scanjobs folder is used to store scanned images. The images are deleted when a

workflow process has been successfully started to send the images to the appropriate



The \Inboxes folder contains a folder for each user’s the Web Client inbox. The Inboxes

folder is actually created when the first user logs on to the Web Client.

In addition, the MasterConfig.properties file is created in the root of the share.

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