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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide


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To prevent two users from watching the same folder, have all your users enter the

UNC path using either the host name or the IP address of the machine where the shared folder is

located. This allows Kofax Front-Office Server to notify a user when the path being entered is

already watched by another user: if a UNC path using host name is entered for one user and

another use enters the same path using the IP address, both users will end up watching the same


Example of Setting Up a Watched Folder

This section provides an example of how to set up a watched folder on a user’s local computer.

For this example, the user’s computer name is “accounting1,” and the folder that the user wants to

share is “invoices.” The user wants to limit access to only the KofaxServer service user account

and to delete documents automatically after they have been successfully uploaded.

X To set up a watched folder


On the server, change the user account for the KofaxServer service from the local system

account to a user account that can also access the accounting1 computer. Do the following:


Select Administration Tools | Services. Depending on the version and configuration of

Windows, the Administration Tools are in Control Panel or Programs.


Locate KofaxServer in the Services console.


Right-click KofaxServer and select Properties.


Click the Log On tab.


Under “Log on as,” select “This account.” Select the user account and type the password

for it. Click OK.


Right-click KofaxServer and select Restart. When KofaxServer service restarts, close the

Services console.


On the user’s computer, right-click the “invoices” folder and select Properties.


Select the Sharing tab and complete it as follows:


Select “Share this folder.” The “Share name” field displays “invoices” as the default

name. Users can change this field, if desired.


Click Permissions. The “Permissions for invoices” window appears.


Click Add. The “Select Users or Groups” window appears.


In the “Enter the object names to select” field, type the user account for the

KofaxServer service and click Check Names. You may need to click Locations and

change to the domain of the user account. When you have selected the user account,

click OK. The “Select Users or Groups” window closes, and the user account appears

in the “Permissions for invoices” window under “Group or user names.”


Select the user account for KofaxServer. The permissions that are currently assigned to

the user are selected.


In the Allow column, select the box for Modify. This enables Kofax Front-Office Server

Web Client to delete documents after they have been uploaded successfully to the



Click OK to close the “Permissions for invoices” window.


Click the Security tab and add the KofaxServer service user as follows:

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