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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide

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<q:Role name="HRRecruitment"/>
<q:Role name="Administrator"/>


<q:Queue name="HR-All" defaultMode="Browse">


<q:Role name="Administrator"/>






Considerations When Setting Up or Modifying Queues

Consider the following when you are setting up new or editing existing queue sets or queues in

the DesQueueDefinition.xml file.


Updating the File
Whenever you update the DesQueueDefinition.xml file (adding, changing, or removing

queues), the updates take affect when a user logs on to the Web Client.
To prevent disruptions to your users during the update process, consider placing a copy of

the DesQueueDefinition.xml and queue schema files (maintaining the appropriate file

path) in a temporary work area. Once the update is completed, copy the updated

DesQueueDefinition.xml file to the \conf folder.


Modifying an Existing Queue
A user may receive an error when a document is submitted to its destination in the the

Web Client if one of the following occurs in the DesQueueDefinition.xml file:


You modify the contents of the file where the XML is not well formed or valid.


You modify the elements or attributes of a queue, significantly changing the original set

up of the queue.


You remove the queue.


Adding a New Queue Set or Queue
Any new queue sets and queues set up in the XML file will be available to users only when

they exit Kofax Front-Office Server Web Client and log on again.


Setting Up an “All Documents” Queue
It is highly recommended that you set up one queue in each queue set that specifies no

filter, thereby allowing all received documents to be viewed for that queue set. This “all

documents” queue enables at least the administrator to view and find any document

received for that queue set, in the event a document is sent to an invalid queue.


Enabling Administrator Access to Each Queue
It is recommended that you specify the Administrator role for each queue, in addition to

the applicable user roles. This setup ensures access to each queue by at least the


About the Queue Schema File

For information purposes only, DesQueueDefinition.xsd can be located with the files installed for

Kofax Front-Office Server in the <installation folder>\Kofax\Front-Office

Server\Avalin\jboss\server\avalin\conf\schemas\queue folder.

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