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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide

Kofax, Inc.


X To set up to use to a Kofax Document Scan Server


Connect the Kofax Document Scan Server to a network that is available to Kofax Front-

Office Server. Then, connect a certified scanner to the Kofax Document Scan Server. Refer

to the Kofax Document Scan Server documentation for instructions.


Create scan profiles for the Kofax Document Scan Servers. All of the Web Client users can

select the scan profile they want to use.


In the \conf folder, locate the file and open it in a text editor.


Edit the following properties:




Save the file.


Restart Kofax Front-Office Server. Restarting encrypts the password and obfuscates the

password in the properties file.


Prior to scanning, set up the connection to the Kofax Document Scan Server in the Web

Client. You need to enter the IP address or host name of the device. For instructions, see

the the Web Client Help.

Changing the Default VRS Settings for Document Scan Server

When you scan with Kofax Document Scan Server, certain VRS settings are used and they take

precedence over the settings in the Kofax Document Scan Server scan profile. For example, if you

select a scan profile that is set up to scan in color, and the properties file is set for black/white, the

scanned images will be in black/white.

The settings are stored as properties in the file in the \conf folder, and you can

change the property values.

X To change the VRS property settings


In the \conf folder, locate the configuration file and open it in a text



Modify the values of the properties you want to change.
For example, the ColorMode property controls the color format of the image:

# Specifies the color format of the output image.

# 1=color, 2=grayscale, 3=black/white


So, if you want to change to color scanning and your scanner supports color, change the

value to 1.


Save the file.


You don’t have to restart the Kofax Front-Office Server or have users log off of the Web

Client: when you save the file the changes are applied to the next scan.

Configuring Retries for Failed Scan Jobs

A scan job may fail, for example, if a workflow cannot start or is not available. If the workflow

process creation fails a series of retries begins: if using default settings, the retries will continue

every 30 seconds for a maximum of 3 tries. If a scan job fails on all retries, it is moved to an Errors

subfolder in the scanjobs directory. To retry failed scan jobs, move the directory for the scan job

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