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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide


Kofax, Inc.


On 32-bit computers, you can display the Kofax Server Monitor in the system tray by

selecting Start |Programs | Kofax | Kofax Server Monitor.

Configuring Kofax Front-Office Server Destination Types

The following destination types are deployed with Kofax Front-Office Server installation:


Kofax Capture


Network Location to send documents to a network folder


Kofax Queue to send documents to a queue

To configure Kofax Front-Office Server for additional destinations, refer to the configuration

guides provided for each destination. You will find the configuration guides in the following



The \Documentation\Guides folder in the installed location


The \setup\Guides folder on the installation media

You must enable destination types before they can be available to Kofax Front-Office Server users.

Use the Administration Console to enable destinations. Refer to

Using the Administration Console on

page 11

and the Administration Console Help for instructions.

To set up queues, refer to

Setting Up Queuing in Kofax Front-Office Server Web Client on page 42


Configuring Folders for the Network Location Destination

Folders used as Network Location destinations can be on any computer available to Kofax Front-

Office Server or shared storage such as Microsoft Cluster Service nodes. The folders must be

shared, and users must have Change permissions. Refer to the Windows documentation for

information about setting up user accounts and sharing folders. Users can then send documents to

these folders through Kofax Front-Office Server Web Client or from or personal shortcuts on the

MFP front panel. Additional steps are needed to configure folders to be used for global shortcuts.


If users receive an “Invalid login. Please try again” error when releasing a document to a

network folder, make sure that you have granted those users Read permissions for that folder.

Sending Documents through the Web Client

In the Web Client, users must use the Lookup button the first time they use a folder on a

computer. They are prompted to log on if they have not established credentials with a computer

or if their password has changed. If they type the path in the Destination field without

establishing credentials, they will receive a logon failure.

For more information about sending documents to a network folder, refer to the Web Client Help.

Using Shared Folders with MFP Global Shortcuts

If you plan to use a shared folder for a global shortcut on the MFP front panel, you need to

associate the credentials of a user with folder access rights to the shortcut. For information about

setting up global shortcuts, refer to the the Administration Console Help.

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