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Planning Your Queue Setup

Use the following table to assist you in planning the setup of the desired queues. This particular

plan also provides an example to help illustrate the process.

Table 7. Queue Setup Plan

Planning Item


Identify the nature of the documents for a queue
What is the particular type of document, or type of
project that the documents support, for which you
want to create a queue set, containing one or more

You receive applications in the Web Client that are
needed for setting up new accounts. You want these
documents to appear in queues that allow multiple
users (account representatives) to view and process
the documents.

Name the Queue Set
What name is the most meaningful for this queue
set, based on the nature of the documents?

You want to use “Account Setup” as a descriptive
name for this queue set.

Identify where to store the document files for the
queue set.
In which server and shared folder do you want the
document files, associated with this queue set, to be

You want to use the default storage area. No alternate
storage location is desired.

Identify the custom fields (data elements) for
filtering documents for the specific queues in the
queue set.
What custom fields do you want to use for
determining which documents are associated with
and viewed in the different queues in the queue set?

The application documents are to be sent to and
viewed in different queues based on the branch office
for which the application is intended.
There are two branch offices for which you receive
documents: the Los Angeles Branch and the San
Diego Branch.

Name the queues in the queue set.
What queue names are the most meaningful for
your users when selecting a queue to view and
process documents?

To make the queue names more recognizable in the
Web Client for your account representatives, you
want the following queue names:
“Account Setup-LA Branch”
“Account Setup-SD Branch”
“Account Setup-All Branches”
The third queue name represents an “all documents”
queue, to be accessible by the system administrator.
You are defining this queue as recommended to
enable the administrator to view all documents that
may be sent to the queue set with invalid queue data.

Identify the default display mode for documents in
each queue.
How do you want to have documents appear in a
queue: the next available document with the
automatic display of fields for sending the
document to a destination (“Get Next” mode), or as
a list of documents (“Browse” mode)?

You want to use the default mode, which displays the
next available document with fields for sending it to a
However, you want the “Account Setup-All
Branches” queue to display a list of documents.
Because this “all documents” queue is used by the
administrator to troubleshoot for misrouted
documents, a list of documents is more appropriate.

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