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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide


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Changing the Host Name

The host name of a computer should not be changed after Kofax Front-Office Server has been

installed. Changing the host name may cause problems with licensing and connecting to MFPs.

You can restore licensing by changing the host name back to the one you used when you licensed

Kofax Front-Office Server.

The host name of an MFP also should not be changed after it has been added to Kofax Front-Office

Server. Because the Administration Console does not recognize that the MFP’s host name has

changed, it instead recognizes it as a different device. If you add the device with the new host

name, the Administration Console will have two records for the same device.

Defining the Page Size for the Web Client List of Documents

When you are viewing a list of documents in the Inbox or a queue, only a certain number of these

documents display at one time, on a page of the list. If the number of documents in the Inbox or

queue exceed a defined maximum for a page, you can view additional pages of the list.

the Web Client installs with a default page size for the list of documents. If you have a preference,

you can change the maximum number of documents to display on a single page of the list. You

can set the page to display from 1 to 150 listed documents.

X To define the page size of the list of documents


In the \conf folder, locate the file and open it in a text editor.


Edit the following property to specify the desired maximum number documents for a

page of the list of documents:

For example, to set the maximum number to 25, define the property as follows:


Save the file.

For the change to take effect, users need to log out of and log in to the the Web Client.

Setting Up to Scan Directly from the Web Client

You can scan directly to your Inbox by doing one of the following:


Scanning with a certified scanner connected to a client workstation
You can connect a certified scanner to a client workstation installed with VRS 4.2 or the

manufacturer’s TWAIN driver. Then, using a feature (referred to as WebScan) included in

Kofax Front-Office Server Web Client with the installation of Kofax Front-Office Server,

you can set up an option that enables you to scan a document directly from the Web Client.
To ensure the best image quality, it is recommended that you use WebScan with VRS 4.2.


Scanning with a Kofax Document Scan Server
You can set up a connection between the Web Client and a Kofax Document Scan Server

that is in turn connected to a certified scanner. With this connection set up in the Web

Client, you can scan a document directly from the Web Client.

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