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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide

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Queues Element (Required)

Under the Queues element, define the elements for one or more queues within the queue set.

Queue Element (Required)

This element contains the following attributes enabling you to set up a queue within the queue set.

Filters Element (Required)

Under the Filters element, define one Filter element for filtering which documents are to appear

for the queue. You can define only one filter.

Table 4. Queue Attributes






1-255 characters

Specifies the name of the queue within the queue
set. Specify the attribute as follows:
Where qname is the name you assign to this queue.
Caution: Do not use the name “Inbox” or any
variation thereof based on capitalization.
The name does not use the following, if entered as
part of the name in the XML file:
Spaces at the beginning of the name
Spaces at the end of the name
More than one consecutive space within the name
(only one space will display)




Determines in what mode the queue displays
documents when the queue is selected in the the
Web Client. Specify the attribute as follows:
Where qmode is the display mode for the queue.
Valid settings are:
"Get Next" which displays the fields for sending the
next available document. This is the recommended
and default setting if this attribute is not specified.
"Browse" which displays a list of documents.
Caution: Using the setting "Browse" may produce
undesirable results during operation, based on the
Allows a user (User B) to attempt to send a
document that is already being worked on by
another user (User A), thereby resulting in a
“locked” message for User B
Uses more system memory
Requires more system resources because database
and server overhead will be higher


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