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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide

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Kofax Capture

Limitations in Value Lists In Kofax Capture

When using value lists with forced match selected, invalid values entered at the MFP do not get

imported into Kofax Capture.

Workaround: Edit the value in Kofax Capture after the document has been imported.

Problems Transferring Large Image Files to Kofax Capture

If you are unable to process large images, it is because ASP.NET, which is used by Kofax Capture

Import Connector - Web Services (referred to as Ascent Collection Server for Ascent Capture 7.5),

has a limit of 4 MB per transfer. Kofax Front-Office Server also appends data to the image, which

may cause images that are slightly smaller than 4 MB to have problems with transferring.

If you are experiencing problems with transferring images, you can do either of the following:


Reduce the size of images by changing the resolution or color settings.


Locate the web.config file that is installed with Kofax Capture Import Connector - Web

Services and add a maxRequestLength attribute. Refer to Microsoft documentation for


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