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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide


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Resources for developing and implementing custom release connectors, data validation, and field

lookup are provided on the Kofax Front-Office Server installation media. To view instructions for

using these resources, browse to \OtherResources\DeveloperResources and open devindex.html.

Figure 9. Developer Resources as Viewed in devindex.html

Using Custom Validation and Enhanced Field Lookup

In the Web Client, any text entered for index fields is validated with the destination for an

appropriate data type and data length. For a more detailed validation and a variety of field lookup

options, you can configure Kofax Front-Office Server to perform the following additional steps in

the order they are listed:


Field validation and selection: Each field value is validated as soon as it has been changed.

You can determine which fields to validate, and whether other fields will be filled in

automatically or provide a selection list after successful validation. For selection lists, you

can additionally define whether users will have to select a value from the list or whether

they can also type a value which is not in the list.


Form validation: All the field values of a form and their interdependencies can be


X To implement custom validation


Create a validation class using the Data Validation SDK, located in the

\OtherResources\DeveloperResources\DataValidation folder.
The corresponding methods are:


For field validation, implement


. To define which fields to validate,





For form validation, implement




If you want to use only one of these validation methods, modify the one you do not

need so that the validation method will always return null.

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