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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide

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Set up global queue shortcuts which you then deploy to your MFPs. The shortcuts are then used at

the MFP to scan documents to the queue.

Associate your queue shortcuts with user groups, to have these shortcuts appear in the Web

Client, for moving documents to a queue within the Web Client.

For instructions on setting up and managing shortcuts, see the the Administration Console Help.

The following figure is an example of queue shortcuts, based on the example provided in


Your Queue Setup on page 48


Figure 16. Queue Shortcuts in the Administration Console: Example

Setting Up Queues: Example 2

The following sections provide another example of setting up queues, involving a little more


Planning Queue Setup: Example 2

The following table illustrates an example of planning a queue set with multiple custom fields and
an alternate storage location for document files.

Table 8. Planning Queue Setup: Example 2

Planning Item


Identify the nature of the documents for a queue

HR (Human Resources) documents for employee
benefit enrollment (401K, Medical, Stock Purchase
Plan), and recruitment resumes (Professional, Office

Name the Queue Set


Identify where to store the document files for the
queue set.

Server = SVR07
Shared folder = HR

Identify the custom fields (data elements) for
filtering documents to the respective queues in the
queue set.

Employee Benefit

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