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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide

Kofax, Inc.


The Kofax Web site also contains information that describes support options for Kofax products.

Please review the site for details about the available support options.

If you need to contact Kofax Technical Support, please have the following information available:


Kofax Front-Office Server software version and build number


Operating system and service pack version


MFP or scanner make and model


Kofax Front-Office Server version


Destination type name, version, and configuration


Special/custom configuration or integration information


Kofax Front-Office Server enables documents from a variety of sources, including multifunction

peripherals (MFPs), to be delivered to content management systems, email servers, and other

destinations. You can install Kofax Front-Office Server on a single server or in a load-balanced

cluster of multiple servers for maximum availability and scalability.

Stopping and Restarting Kofax Front-Office Server

You may need to stop and restart Kofax Front-Office Server when changing the files in the \conf

folder or for routine maintenance. The process depends on which installation and configuration

you use, and the instructions are in the installation guide.

About File and Folder Locations in this Guide

Some files and folders are installed in different locations.

For example, many configuration settings can be edited in the various files located in the \conf

folder. By default, these files are located in C:\Program Files\Kofax\Front-Office


In the rest of this guide, references will be to use just the folder names (such as \conf or \log)

without the additional path details.

When Enabling Security with SSL

By using a self- or CA-signed SSL certificate for your active directory environment, you enable

security when transmitting data to and from Kofax Front-Office Server. The use of an SSL

certificate encrypts, and thereby protects, the transmission of sensitive data, such as passwords.


If you use the DSA algorithm when creating a self-signed certificate for use with SSL, users

will not be able to connect to the HP MFP. To use SSL with the HP, you must create the certificate

using the RSA algorithm. We recommend you use the RSA algorithm when generating self-signed


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