Kofax Front-Office Server 3.0 User Manual

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Kofax Front-Office Server Administrator’s Guide


Kofax, Inc.

Figure 14. Queue Sets in the Administration Console: Example


Kofax Queue, Queue Sets, and Queues in the Web Client.
Kofax Queue and any queue sets defined in the DesQueueDefinition.xml file appear under

Destinations. The defined queues appear in the Inbox and Queue Selection drop-down list.

Figure 15. Kofax Queue, Queue Sets, and Queues in the Web Client: Example

Setting Up Queue Shortcuts in the Administration Console

To ensure your users send or move documents to a valid queue, set up shortcuts for the queues in

the the Administration Console. The shortcut enables you to provide default custom field data for

the queue. When the shortcut is used by your users, the document is routed to the appropriate


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