Changing needles, Removing needleplate, Replacing needleplate – SINGER 2112 User Manual

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Changing Needles

* Raise needle to highest position by turning

handwheel towards the operator.

^ Loosen needle clamp screw (1) and remove


* With flat side of needle to the back, insert new

needle into clamp (2) as far as it will go.

5k Tighten needle clamp screw (1) securely.

Check the Fabric, Thread and Needle Chart in
this book for correct needle and fabric

Removing Needleplate

For either cleaning or use of the straight

stitch plate, available from an approved
dealer, do the following:

5k Raise needle and presser foot to their

highest positions.

5k Open slide plate and place thumb under right

side of needle plate (3).

5k Lift up and pull plate to the right to

remove it from the machine.

Replacing Needleplate

5k Holding needle plate as shown, slide it to the

left under the head of clamping pin (4).

5k Press down on right side at (3) until it fits se­

curely in place.

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