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Sewing a Seam

Most fabrics can be placed under the foot by
raising the presser foot lifter (1) to its normal

“up” position (2) where it locks in place. When

using bulky fabric, multiple fabric layers, or an
embroidery hoop, raise the lifter to the highrise
position (3), thus increasing the space between
the foot and the needle plate.

* Lower presser foot lifter all the way down

and the machine is ready to sew.

* To keep seams straight, use one of the guide­

lines on the needle plate.

^ The most commonly used line (1) for a 5/8

inch (1.8 cm.) seam allowance is extended onto
the slide plate.

* To start a seam, place fabric under presser

foot so needle will first penetrate 1/2 inch (1.2

cm) from starting edge of fabric. Align the right
edge with one of the guidelines on the throat
plate. Lower the presser foot.

* Reverse-stitch using reverse button to the edge

of fabric then release button for forward

When seam is completed, hold in reverse button
and stitch for 3-4 stitches to lock seam.

^ Raise needle and presser foot to remove

fabric from machine. Cut thread using thread

cutter on face plate.


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