Threading the machine – SINGER 2112 User Manual

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Threading the Machine

The top thread is now ready to be threaded into the machine. Proceed as follows:

^ Raise needle and presser foot to their highest positions.

* Lead thread from spool on spool pin and snap into top thread guide (1) by grasping

thread with two hands and snapping it down into top of guide.

* Following arrows in illustration, guide thread across top of machine, down the right

hand channel through the tension discs, under the bottom of the channel separator (2),

and up the left hand channel.

* At the top (3) of the left thread channel, pull the thread to the left into the self-threading

take-up lever and then down to the needle going through guides (4) and (5) on needle clamp.

NOTE: Do not thread lower guide (5) if you are using heavy thread.

Lower the presser foot and thread the needle from front to back drawing about 4 inches

(10 cm) through the eye of the needle.


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