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Adjusting Stitch Balance



When sewing stretch stitch patterns or button­

holes, it may be necessary to adjust this control
for proper stitch appearance.

^ Turn dial downwards (1) to bring stitches of

the pattern together.

^ Turn dial upwards (2) to separate stitches of

the pattern.

Always return dial to its center position after

sewing stretch stitch patterns.

Reverse Stitching

To lock a seam or for miscellaneous applications,
reverse stitching may be required. To sew in
reverse, proceed as follows:

* Depress button in center of stitch length dial

and hold depressed until reverse stitching is

^ Button may be pushed while machine is



y I <c ' ’

1 2 )

4 5

6 7

9 9

2 1 1 0

I 2 J 4


t /

8 9 W 1 1 1 2 n


^ Set stitch width control to its extreme left-hand

position, then turn pattern selector dial to choose
group of numbers containing number of desired

^ For a regular pattern, set stitch width, stitch

length, and tension in normal manner. Button­
hole selection is discussed later in this book.

^ For stretch pattern (red), set stitch length dial

so indicator notch on dial lines up with red dot
on machine. Set width, balance and tension to

get proper appearance.


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