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Inserting a Zipper

To get stitching even and close to the zipper teeth,

use the special zipper foot.

^ When zipper teeth are to the left of the nee­

dle, slide the adjusting block (1), which slides
on the pin of the foot, all the way to the right.

^ Snap on foot with shank to the left side of

pin. (See “Changing Snap-on Presser Feet”)

5k Hand-baste the zipper opening to the seam

line (2), and press open the seam allowance.

5k Place open zipper face down on the seam

allowance with the teeth against the seam line.

5k Stitch the zipper to the seam allowance from

bottom to top on one side.

To stitch the other side of zipper (teeth to the
right of needle):

5k Snap off foot and slide the adjusting block

(1) all the way to the left. Then, snap right
side of pin onto shank as above.

5k Sew other side of zipper to seam allowance.

5k Baste through the zipper tapes, seam

allowances, and garment exterior.

5k Turn the garment right side up and topstitch

it to the zipper, sewing through all layers.

It is suggested more in-depth instructions be

consulted since there are many ways to use
zippers in garments.


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