Cloth plate, Removal, Replacement – SINGER 2112 User Manual

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Cloth Plate

The cloth plate provides a large surface to help
support and guide the garment during sewing

operations. The majority of applications are best
performed with the cloth plate in place.

For professional finishing of cuffs, sleeves and
trouser legs, the cloth plate can be removed to
allow the garment to be placed around the
tubular bed of the machine.


* Flip up at right hand end to release the lock­

ing pins (1).

^ Slide cloth plate away to the left.


^ Slide cloth plate into place from left to right

at a slight angle, making sure that the plate is
level with bed surface at the left hand edge to
engage tab (2).

^ Press down at right hand side to’lock cloth

plate pins (1) into holes (3) in machine.


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