Stitch selection, Adjusting stitch width, Adjusting stitch length – SINGER 2112 User Manual

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Select the right stitch for each sewing project along with proper length, width and balance.

A test sample using the chosen fabric and thread is recommended.

Adjusting stitch Width

Before moving any controls, make sure needle is
out of the fabric.

* Movement of the stitch width control towards

the right from its straight stitch position at the
extreme left will produce progressively wider

stitch patterns.

Adjusting Stitch Length

* By turning the dial on the front of machine,

the length of the stitch can be varied.

^ For most stitching the line on the dial should

be set between 1 and 5 with 5 producing the
longest stitch.

* For very short stitches, fine adjustment should

be made by setting mark on dial between 0
and 1.

The numbers on this control are for reference

only and do not relate directly to the actual

length of stitch being sewn.


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