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Four-Step Buttonholes

This machine makes buttonholes of any length
in only four, easy steps. Always make a test
buttonhole on a sample of fabric first before
buttonholing on the garment.

^ Mark the centerline (1), top (2), and bottom

(3) of button hole on fabric.

^ Using buttonhole snap-on foot, line up red

crossed lines of foot at intersection of centerline

and top marks on fabric, then lower foot.

Step A: Rear Bartack

^ Making sure needle is out of fabric, select

buttonhole pattern with pattern selection lever.
Then, turn stitch-length dial clockwise until line

on dial lines up with the letter “A”.

^ Using handwheel, lower needle into fabric at


^ Sew bartack using four stitches ending at (5).


Step B: Right Side Stitching

^ Raise needle out of fabric.

5k Turn stitch-length dial to “B”

5k Sew right side of buttonhole up to bottom

mark on fabric (6)


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