Needle does not move, Needle moves but stitch is not formed, Needle breaks – SINGER 2112 User Manual

Page 30: Bobbin winding difficulties, Upper thread breaks, Lower thread breaks, Fabric does not move properly under presser foot, Performance checklist

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Performance Checklist

When sewing difficulties occur, make sure the instructions are correctly followed. If
a problem still exists, the reminders below may help solve it.

Needle Does Not Move

Is machine connected to electrical supply?
Is power and light switch on?
Is controller connected?
Is bobbin winder disengaged?

Needle Moves But Stitch Is Not Formed

Is needle defective?
Is needle fully inserted into needle clamp?

Are bobbin and needle correctly


Is bobbin correctly inserted into bobbin


Needle Breaks

Is needle correct size?
Is needle fully inserted in needle clamp?

Are controls properly set?
Are accessories correct for application?

Bobbin Winding Difficulties

Is threading correct?
Is thread unwinding freely from spool?
Is bobbin winder engaged?
Is thread end securely held at start of


Upper Thread Breaks

Is machine properly threaded?
Is thread freely unwinding from spool?
Is proper size spool holder being used?
Is upper thread tension too tight?
Is bobbin case properly inserted?
Is bobbin rim free of nicks?

Lower Thread Breaks

Is bobbin correctly wound?
Is bobbin case correctly inserted into

bobbin case?

Is bobbin case threaded correctly?

Skipped Stitches

Is machine properly threaded?
Is fabric firmly held down?
Is needle correct size and style?
Is needle straight and sharp?

Fabric Does Not Move Properly Under
Presser Foot

Is presser foot correctly attached to


Is presser foot lowered?
Is stitch length correctly set?


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