Attaching feed cover, Attaching blindstitch guide – SINGER 2112 User Manual

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Attaching Feed Cover

For darning and free-motion embroidery, the

feed cover prevents the feed from moving the
material. Attach it as follows:

* Raise needle and presser foot, and open slide


* Slide feed cover on top of needle plate, press­

ing tabs (1) and (2) into holes in needle plate.
Then, close slide plate.

* To remove, open slide plate. Lift front edge

of cover (3) and pull it away.

The optional darning and embroidery foot,
available from approved dealers, may be used.

If operator prefers to do these operations by
removing presser foot and shank entirely from
machine, be sure presser bar is lowered to main­
tain proper thread tension.

Attaching Blindstitch Guide

2k Raise presser foot and loosen presser foot

screw with a coin.

* Slip blindstitch hem guide between screw

and presser foot shank.

5k Be sure underside of the guide (5) clears the

slide plate and front of foot.

5k Tighten screw (4) with the coin.

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