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Winding of the bobbin is doné before threading machine:

^ Place spool of thread on spool pin (1).

* Choose size of spool holder (2) to fit spool. Slide it onto pin snugly against spool to

keep spool from turning.

^ Lead thread into top thread guide (3) by snapping it down into top of guide with two


5k Proceed to thread tension (4) wrapping thread once around in a clockwise direction.

* Guide end of thread through small hole in top of bobbin (5) and place bobbin onto

bobbin winder (6).

* Push bobbin winder to the right to engage the drive system and to disengage sewing

mechanism for winding.

5k Hold thread end coming through hole in bobbin and start motor. Wind slowly. Stop

after a few turns to trim end, then continue winding to desired fullness.

Note: Bobbin will stop turning by itself* when full, but sewing mechanism must be reset
by the operator.

5jc Release speed controller and push winder to the left to re-engage sewing mechanism.

Winding the Bobbin


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