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• Main Circuits

Non-Fuse Breaker (NFB)

Used to protect the power lines:

overcurrent will shut off the circuit.

Noise Filter (NF)

Prevents the external noise from the power

line, and reduces the effect of the noises gen-

erated by the servo motor.

Magnetic Contactor (MC)

Turns on/off the main power of the servo


Used together with a surge absorber.

Reactor (L)

Reduces the harmonic current in the

main power.

Terminals P and B

• In case of use under large regenerative

e n e r g y, c o n n e c t a n e x t e r n a l

regenerative discharge resistor to P

and B terminals.

System Configuration and Wiring

General Wiring Diagram

discharge resistor



Where residual-current-operated

protective device (RCD) is used for

protection in case of direct or indirect

contact. Only RCD of Type B is allowed

on supply side of this Electronic

Equipment (EE).

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