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How to Use "Real Time Auto-Gain" Tuning

Automatic tuning is available when the gain adjustment rotary switch GAIN is

set to "0" position only.


, and go to Parameter Set-up Mode.

2) Set Pr1F (Disturbance torque observer) to 8 (invalid).
3) Set Pr22 (Real time auto tuning machine stiffness).

Driving method

Ball screw + direct coupling

Ball screw + timing belt

Timing belt

Gear, or rack & pinion

Others: lower stiffness

Mechanical stiffness

4 ~ 8

3 ~ 6

2 ~ 5

1 ~ 3

1 ~ 3

A d j u s t m e n t s

4) Set Pr21 (Real time auto tuning mode) to 1 or 2.
• The operation may not be stable depending on the operation pattern. In this case, set the param-

eter to 0 (to disable the auto tuning function).

• With a larger value, the response to the change in load inertia (acceleration) is quicker.


Start the motor.

6) If the fluctuation in load inertia is small, stop the motor (machine), and set Pr21 to 0 to fix the gain

(in order to raise the safety).

7) FDownload the obtained gain values to EEPROM. Note that if you turn off the power before down-

loading, the gain values will be lost.


• Before changing Pr21 or Pr22, stop (servo-lock) the motor.

Don't modify Pr10 through Pr15.

Otherwise it may give a shock to the machine.

P r 2 1 v a l u e





Real time auto tuning set-up



Fluctuation of load inertia during operation


Almost no change

Small change

Quick change

First, set the parameter to the smallest value
and then gradually increase with which no ab-
normal sound or vibration will occur.

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