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Maintenance and Inspections



Routine maintenance and inspections are essential for proper and satisfactory op-

eration of the amplifier and motor.

Notes to Maintenance/Inspections Personnel

1)Power-on/off operations should be done by the operators themselves.

2)For a while after power off, the internal circuits is kept charged at higher voltage. Inspections should

be done a while (about 10 minutes), after the power is turned off and the LED lamp on the panel is


3)Do not take insulation resistance measures because the amplifier gets damaged.

Inspection Items and cycles

Normal (correct) operating conditions:

Ambient temperature: 30 °C (annual average) Load factor: max. 80%

Operating hours: max. 20 hours per day

Daily and periodical inspections should be done per the following instructions.

< N o t e s >

If the actual operating conditions differ from things mentioned above, the inspection

cycles may change accordingly.

T y p e

C y c l e s


Every year

Inspection items

• Ambient temperature, humidity, dust, particles, foreign matters, etc.

• Abnormal sound and vibration

• Main circuit voltage

• Odor

• Lint or other foreign matters in the ventilation openings

• Cleanliness of the operation board

• Damaged circuits

• Loosened connections and improper pin positions

• Foreign matters caught in the machine (motor load)

• Loosened screws

• Signs of overheat


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