Hughes Direcway DW6000 User Manual

Page 140

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Appendix C • Installing the DW6000 using Installer Console


1033295-0001 Revision 2

2. Press E


to display the initial Install Console screen

shown in Figure 98.

3. Press E


to display the

Main Menu

shown in

Figure 99.

Figure 98: Initial Install Console screen

Main Menu:

(a) Configure Boot Parameters

(b) Display Current Configuration

(c) Display Satellite Interface Statistics

(d) Display Active Routing Table

(f) Run Software Download Monitor

(h) Display Reset History

(i) Installation

(t) Run Final/Built-in Tests

(pc) (Parameter Clear) Clear Configuration

(pw) (Parameter Write) Write Configuration

(rr) (DW6000 Reset) Reset the DW6000

(rd) (DW6000 Deconfigure) Force Download and

Acquire New Keys

Figure 99: BOOT ROM installer console Main Menu