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Connecting the Junxion Box to the Internet

The Junxion Box can connect to the Internet through a cellular PC Card modem or
with any landline service (office LAN, DSL, cable modem) that is available through an
Ethernet cable. A cellular modem allows you to use the Junxion Box anywhere within
reach of your cellular carrier’s network. The WAN Juggler™ option ensures persistent
connectivity by automatically choosing between your designated primary (landline or
wireless) and secondary (wireless or landline) data services.

Connecting Through a Cellular PC Card Modem

By default, the Junxion Box will attempt to automatically detect the cellular modem
and configure standard modem settings. If your cellular data services plan requires
custom settings, you may need to use the Device Manager’s WAN page to configure
the cellular modem. For more information, refer to the WAN page section in the “Using
the Device Manager” chapter.

Supported Cellular Card Modems

The Junxion Box supports several cellular carriers and modems. New cellular modems
are frequently added to the firmware. The latest firmware is always available at www.

Kyocera KPC 650 (1xRTT and 1xEV-DO)

Sierra Wireless AirCard 555 (1xRTT)

Cingular Wireless (including AT&T)

Novatel Wireless Merlin U520 (UMTS) and U730 (EDGE and HSDPA)

Option Wireless GlobeTrotter GT MAX (EDGE and HSDPA)

Sierra Wireless AirCard 775 (EDGE), 860 (EDGE and limited HSDPA), and 875 (EDGE
and HSDPA)

Sony Ericsson GC82 and GC83 (EDGE)

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