Resetting your junxion box, From the device manager, If you forget your device manager password – Junxion Box JB-110B User Manual

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Resetting Your Junxion Box

From the Device Manager

You can use the Device Manager to reset the Junxion Box to factory defaults without
powering off the unit.

First access the Device Manager by entering (or the custom IP
address you’ve configured for the Junxion Box LAN) into the address field of your
browser. The username is admin and the default password is junxion unless it has
already been changed.

To reset your Junxion Box settings, go to the Update Page and select the
Factory Defaults Reset. This resets all of your settings (passwords, LAN and WAN
configuration, security settings, splash page, etc.) to the original factory settings.

If You Forget Your Device Manager Password

If you are unable to access the Device Manager, you can reset the Junxion Box during
the boot process. Restart the Junxion Box by pressing the power cycle button or
removing then re-inserting the power cable. After one to two minutes, the status light
will begin to blink rapidly. Unplug the Junxion Box while the status light is rapidly
blinking to reset all configuration settings back to factory defaults.

Note. This procedure works only if the Factory Default Reset Option At Boot option is on.
You’ll find this option in the Update page; it’s on by default.

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