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Connected Clients. Displays the number of LAN devices connected to the Junxion
Box. You can view the list of MAC and IP addresses for any connected clients from the
LAN page.
Firmware Version. Shows the version of the Junxion Platform firmware operating on
the Junxion Box. Check the Update page to see if new firmware is available.
Field Commander. Displays “Active” when the Junxion Box is connected to the
WAN and configured correctly for Field Commander™. To learn more about Field
Commander, or to create your own secure Field Commander account, visit www.

WAN Page

The WAN page allows you to change the wide area network (WAN) settings that
determine how the Junxion Box connects to the Internet.
Each group of settings on this page has its own Apply button. After making changes to
the settings in each group, you must then click Apply to save the changes.
Select Backhaul. Three WAN backhaul modes are available with the Junxion Box.
PC Card Modem is the default configuration. The Junxion Box uses the cellular PC Card
modem for the WAN connection. Both Ethernet port 1 and 2 are available for clients
connecting with a LAN address.
WAN Juggler allows the Junxion Box to use either the cellular modem or an Ethernet
WAN link (DSL, cable, office LAN) to connect to the Internet. Either can be designated
the primary WAN connection. If the primary connection drops, the Junxion Box will
route traffic over the alternate connection. WAN Juggler reverts traffic back to the
primary source when that connection resumes. In this configuration, Ethernet port 2 is
used for the WAN connection. Port 1 is still available to LAN clients.
IP Passthrough mode will pass the cellular WAN IP address directly through to any
client connected to port 2 on the Junxion Box. This may be necessary for some VPN
configurations or other enterprise applications. The Junxion Box can also continue
to provide LAN IP addresses to clients connected through port 1 (or Wi-Fi with the
JB-110b). However WAN Juggler, DMZ, and Port Forwarding are not available and the
Device Manager cannot be reached through port 2. Any client connected to port 2
must be setup with a static IP address and a gateway address that matches the WWAN

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