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Update Page

Junxion periodically issues new updates to the Junxion Platform firmware. To check
for new updates, go to the Update page in the Device Manager. If the Junxion Box is
connected to the Internet, clicking Check Version will provide information about the
latest update available from Junxion’s web site.
To update your firmware, please first download the Update Instructions on the Junxion
web site at www.junxion.com/support and sign up to be notified as new firmware
versions are released.

Warning. You can permanently damage the Junxion Box firmware if updated incorrectly.
Read the complete Update Instructions available at www.junxion.com/support before
updating the firmware..
Reset to Factory Defaults. Resets all user data to factory settings, including WAN,
LAN, and splash settings.
Factory Default Reset Option at Boot. When this feature is on, you can reset the
Junxion Box to factory defaults during its startup sequence by unplugging the power
cable when you see the Status light blink rapidly.

About and Help Pages

The About Page provides copyright and license information for the Junxion Box. The
Help Page contains a copy of this User Guide in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Guest User Status Page

Guest users who do not have access to the Device Manager password can check status
information through the guest status page. This page displays the cellular modem card
in use, signal strength, connection status, and number of connected users. This page
is available through the same address as the Device Manager (default is
admin). The username is guest. Leave the password field blank. No settings can be
configured through this page, but it provides a simple way for any user to confirm the
device is connected to the WAN.

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