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Junxion Box IP. The Junxion Box by default is assigned a LAN IP address of You can customize the LAN IP address to any IP address that is
compatible with the clients connecting to the Junxion Box. Standard private addresses
include -, -, and - You can also optionally specify the netmask, such as
LAN Interface Reboot. If you need to reboot the LAN interface, click the Reboot
button. The Junxion Box will disconnect and reconnect all the computers and devices
connected through the LAN interface. WAN connections will remain active during this

Port Forwarding Page

This page allows you to configure inbound port forwarding and the DMZ host. As with
other Device Manager pages, you must click Apply to save any settings.
Forward Inbound Traffic. The Junxion Box supports inbound port forwarding for up
to 10 ports using TCP (transmission control protocol) or UDP (user datagram protocol).
Port forwarding can be configured to allow remote computers on the Internet to
reach computers and devices connected to the Junxion Box. Before enabling port
forwarding, first check to see that the Junxion Box is connected to the Internet using
an unrestricted public IP address. If you are using a cellular PC Card modem, you may
need to request a public IP address from your carrier that is not behind a firewall.
Port Forwarding is unavailable if IP passthrough is enabled.
DMZ Host IP. The Junxion Box allows a single client to connect to the Internet through
a demilitarized zone (DMZ). The DMZ is particularly useful for certain services like VPN,
NetMeeting, and streaming video that may not work well with a NAT router.
DMZ host is unavailable if IP passthrough is enabled.
Note. Because DMZ traffic does not pass through the NAT router, the DMZ host is fully
exposed to the Internet without the protection of the Junxion firewall. If the DMZ is used,
this can present a security risk to the DMZ host client.

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