Getting going (the quick version) – Junxion Box JB-110B User Manual

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Getting Going (the quick version)

The Junxion Box is designed to be simple to use. No additional software is required for
most users. The remainder of the User Guide provides complete instructions for using
the device. These abbreviated steps highlight the basics for a simple setup:

With the Junxion Box unplugged, insert the cellular modem into the card slot on
the Junxion Box.


Plug the Junxion Box power adapter into the power connector on the back panel
of the Junxion Box. Wait approximately two minutes to allow the Junxion Box
and cellular modem to initialize.


Connect your computer to the Junxion Box with an Ethernet crossover cable.
JB-110b users can also connect with Wi-Fi using “Junxion_Box” as the default
network name.


If the cellular modem card is not automatically detected, first time users may
need to configure their cellular modem through the WAN page in the Device
Manager with their web browser at The username is admin
and default password is junxion. For more details on configuring the Junxion Box,
refer to the chapter titled “Using the Device Manager.”

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