Connecting a computer to the junxion box, Connecting through ethernet, Connecting through wi-fi (jb-110b only) – Junxion Box JB-110B User Manual

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Connecting a Computer to the Junxion Box

Any laptop, desktop, handheld, printer, or other computing device that supports
Ethernet (or Wi-Fi with the JB-110b) can connect to the Junxion Box. If your computer
supports these common network interfaces, you don’t need to install any additional
software to connect to the Junxion Box.
Before connecting multiple devices to the Junxion Box for the first time, or when
switching to a different cellular modem, it’s a good idea to connect one computer
first and verify that the cellular modem is successfully connected to the Internet. You
may need to use the Junxion Box Device Manager to verify that the card is properly
configured. See the “Using the Device Manager” chapter for more information.

Connecting Through Ethernet

To connect to the Junxion Box using Ethernet, simply plug one end of a crossover
Ethernet cable into your computer, and plug the other end into either of the Ethernet
ports on the Junxion Box (marked “1” and “2”). The two Ethernet cables included with
the Junxion Box are crossover cables.
Make sure your computer is setup for DHCP addressing. To setup the Junxion Box for
static IP addressing, refer to the LAN Page section in “Using the Device Manager”.
Note. You need a crossover Ethernet cable (included with the Junxion Box) if you are
connecting your computer directly to the Junxion Box. You may need to use a standard
(straight through) Ethernet cable if your computer is connecting to the Junxion Box
through a separate router or hub. Some networking equipment and computers have auto-
sensing ports that can use either cable type.

Connecting Through Wi-Fi (JB-110b only)

To connect wirelessly to the Junxion Box using a Wi-Fi equipped computer, simply
select the network name “Junxion_Box” using the Wi-Fi connection software provided
with your operating system or Wi-Fi network interface.

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