Additional support, Self help, User guide and firmware updates – Junxion Box JB-110B User Manual

Page 37: Customer support, Ideas

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Additional Support

If you still have questions about your Junxion Box, there are several additional
resources available that you may find helpful.

Self Help

For troubleshooting assistance, refer to the help resources located in the support
section of Junxion’s web site at

User Guide and Firmware Updates

Occasionally we will update this User Guide and the Junxion Platform firmware to
improve the product and add new features. The current User Guide and information
about updates are available on Junxion’s support page at

Customer Support

If your question isn’t answered by the User Guide or the self-help resources located
at, you can contact Junxion support through the online
support request form. This is the most efficient way to receive help from Junxion’s
support team.


We are interested in your input. If you have ideas for improving the Junxion Box, please
send your comments or suggestions to us at [email protected].

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