Junxion Box JB-110B User Manual

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junxion box user guide

IP address and gateway address. IP passthrough works best when the cellular PC
Card modem is setup by the carrier to receive a public static IP address on the carrier
WAN Juggler and IP passthrough cannot be used when the splash page feature is
WWAN Status. Shows “Ready” when the Junxion Box is successfully connected to a
cellular data network.
WWAN IP Address. Displays the wireless WAN IP address the Junxion Box has been
assigned by the cellular network. No IP address is displayed unless the Junxion Box is
successfully connected to the Internet through the cellular modem.
Signal Strength. Indicates the signal strength of the cellular modem. The signal
strength is checked once when the modem first connects to the cellular network. To
refresh the signal strength, click the Reboot button on this page to restart the WAN
Detected Card. If the Junxion Box started with automatic card detection on, this field
will show which cellular modem was detected in the Junxion Box.
PC Card Modem. This pull down menu allows you to select the right driver for the
cellular modem you are using. When you change cellular modems, first unplug the
Junxion Box and insert the new cellular modem. Then plug the power into the Junxion
Box, wait about two minutes for the Junxion Box and cellular modem to boot, and
return to the WAN page in the Device Manager to configure the new cellular modem.
Junxion regularly adds support for new cellular modems. If your cellular modem is not
listed, check www.junxion.com/support to see if new firmware updates are available.
By default, the Junxion Box will attempt to automatically detect the cellular modem
and configure standard settings for that modem.
Mobile Username, Password, APN, and Dialup #. Your cellular modem needs a
username, password, APN (for GSM networks only) and dialup number to connect
to your cellular carrier. For most carriers, the Device Manager will enter the default
settings when a cellular modem is selected. To change a setting, edit any of the fields
and click the Apply button.
Note. When configuring a custom APN, your IP address space may change. Please ensure
that the WAN Alive IP Address is reachable from your custom APN.

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