Junxion Box JB-110B User Manual

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Some of the following Ethernet WAN features are hidden unless WAN Juggler is turned on.
Ethernet WAN IP. To use an Ethernet WAN link as your primary or secondary
connection to the Internet, plug the Ethernet WAN cable into the Ethernet port
marked “2” on the Junxion Box. For Ethernet WANs with a DHCP server to assign the
Junxion Box an IP address, select DHCP. Select Static if the Junxion Box will require a
static Ethernet WAN IP address.
IP/Netmask. For static Ethernet WAN addressing, enter the IP address here. Enter the
netmask immediately after the IP address using shorthand notation. For example,
if the netmask is /24, the complete default IP/Netmask value is No
configuration is necessary here if DHCP is selected for Ethernet backhaul.
Gateway IP. If the Ethernet WAN is set to DHCP then no gateway IP address is
necessary. If the Ethernet WAN IP is set to Static then specify the gateway IP address.
DNS 1 and DNS 2. For static IP address configurations, you must specify the IP address
of your primary and secondary domain name servers (DNS).
Primary Interface. Select the primary WAN connection here. The Junxion Box
will default to using the primary WAN connection. If the primary connection is
unavailable, the Junxion Box will switch to the alternate connection until primary WAN
connectivity returns. The primary interface should be the more reliable of the two
Primary Route IP and Interval. The Junxion Box will ping the primary WAN interface
based on a set interval to confirm that the primary WAN link is available. If the ping
fails, WAN Juggler will route traffic over the secondary WAN interface. Once a ping
is successful on the primary route, traffic will be routed back through the primary
WAN Alive. The Junxion Box supports a configurable keep alive timer that will send
an HTTP ping to an Internet address or URL that you specify. You can configure the
address and interval (in seconds) between pings. If three pings fail, the Junxion Box
will reboot the cellular WAN interface to restore connectivity.
WAN Link. Displays “Cellular” or “Ethernet” depending on which WAN connection the
Junxion Box is currently using. The default connection is “Cellular” unless WAN Juggler
is enabled.

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