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Connection Charges

The Junxion Box can be left powered on indefinitely. By default, the Junxion Box WAN
Alive™ feature does send and receive traffic over the Internet periodically in order to
monitor the Internet connection. Other optional features like Field Commander™ and
DDNS may also send or receive traffic. If your cellular rate plan bills by the kilobit, the
Junxion Box may incur nominal charges if left powered on for extended periods of
time. You can change the WAN Alive timer settings on the WAN page in the Device

Contacting Your Cellular Carrier

To reach your cellular carrier, refer to your monthly bill or service plan for contact
information. Support is also available through the following sources.
Cingular Wireless (including AT&T)
Sprint Nextel
Verizon Wireless

Note. Please also read the terms and conditions of your cellular data service to ensure that
your rate plan is appropriate for use with the Junxion Box.

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