Junxion Box JB-110B User Manual

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Figure: Status Page

Detected Card. If the Junxion Box started with automatic card detection on, this fi eld
will show which cellular modem was detected in the Junxion Box.
PC Card Modem. By default, the Junxion Box will attempt to automatically detect your
PC Card modem. If you have manually confi gured a modem on the WAN Page, the
name of that modem will be displayed here.
Wi-Fi Encryption (JB-110b only). Shows the status of Wi-Fi security settings for the
Junxion Box, including “Open” (no security), “WPA,” or “WEP.” Security settings are
confi gured from the Security page.
Admin Password. The Device Manager username is admin and default password is
junxion. The status reads “Default” if you have not changed the password or “Set” if you
have. The password can be changed from the Security page.

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