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Hardware Overview

Turning On the Junxion Box

The Junxion Box is powered on as soon as you plug it into an AC outlet. The Junxion
Box power port is located on the back of the device. To turn the device off, simply
unplug the power adapter.
For use in a vehicle, a vehicle power adapter is available as an optional accessory.

Status Lights

The Junxion Box includes two lights on the back. The green “power” light remains
lit whenever the Junxion Box is plugged into a power source. The red “status” light
indicates the connection status. There are three modes:

Solid status light: the Junxion Box is successfully connected to the Internet.

Blinking status light: the Junxion Box does not recognize the cellular PC Card
modem or cannot connect to a cellular network. Check the status and settings in
the Device Manager to troubleshoot. (Note that the status light also blinks briefly
during the boot-up process.)

No status light: the device has just been turned on and is powering up (takes
about two minutes).

Ethernet Crossover Cable

Two Ethernet crossover cables are included with your Junxion Box. If you are
connecting the Junxion Box directly to a laptop or desktop computer, you need to
use a crossover cable. If you are connecting computers to the Junxion Box through a
router, then a standard (straight through) Ethernet cable is typically necessary. Check
the documentation for your router; some can use either type of cable.
Standard and crossover cables look almost identical. To tell them apart, you need to
look at the ends and compare them next to each other. Standard cables have the same

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