Junxion Box JB-110B User Manual

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junxion box user guide

You can customize the network name and other Wi-Fi configuration options using
the LAN page in the Device Manager. For more information, see the “Using the Device
Manager” chapter.

Note. If you don’t change the default security settings in the Device Manager for the
Junxion Box, the Junxion Box is accessible to any Wi-Fi device. For information about Wi-Fi
security, see the Security Page section in the “Using the Device Manager” chapter.
The Junxion Box Wi-Fi network is based on the 802.11b standard. You can also use
computers equipped with 802.11g Wi-Fi hardware because 802.11g is backwards
compatible with 802.11b.
If you have trouble connecting automatically to the Junxion Box using Wi-Fi, try the

Make sure the “Junxion_Box” network name is selected in the list of available
networks with your computer’s Wi-Fi connection software.

Turn your computer’s Wi-Fi connection off and then on again.

Restart your computer.

Check to see that your computer’s network configuration is consistent with the
configuration of the Junxion Box. The default Junxion Box configuration requires
your computer to use a DHCP connection.

For Windows users, check to see that you have Service Pack 2 or higher installed.
To determine if you have Service Pack 2 installed, open the Control Panel and
then open the System application.

Change the Wi-Fi channel in the Junxion Box Device Manager. You may be
encountering interference on a certain channel.

Try turning off WEP or WPA encryption in the Device Manager. If you can connect
when encryption is turned off, you may be entering incorrect WPA or WEP login
information into your computer or device.

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