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through pairs of characters of 0-9 and/or a-f, with each pair separated by a colon. For
example, 80:3a:c9:95:b8.
WPA Passphrase. When using WPA and WPA2 Personal, you can configure the
passphrase here. You must enter the passphrase twice to confirm the correct
passphrase is entered.
Note. You can lock yourself out of the Junxion Box when you first turn on WEP or WPA. You
must then enter the right key in the format required by your computer or device before
you can connect to the Junxion Box with Wi-Fi. WEP and WPA do not affect Ethernet
connections, so you can always connect to the Junxion Box through an Ethernet port
regardless of your encryption settings.
Port Restriction. When enabled, all outbound ports can be blocked except for ten
ports or ten ranges of ports which are open. When ports are blocked, any outbound
WAN traffic through those ports is terminated and not passed through to the WAN.
For example, port 80 is typically used for web traffic. If port restriction is enabled and
port 80 is not included in the allowed range of ports, then no web traffic would be
transmitted on the WAN.
MAC Filtering. To restrict access to the Junxion Box, you can limit users based on their
MAC address. To add a user to the allowed list, enter the MAC address and select the
Add button. To remove a user, select their MAC address in the pull down menu and
click the Remove button. MAC addresses should be entered with colons between each
hexadecimal value (xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx).

Services Page

The Junxion Platform easily integrates with these special Internet services. If you don’t
use any of these services, you don’t have to change anything on the Services page.
Each group of settings on this page has its own Apply button. After making changes to
the settings in each group, you must then click Apply to save the changes.
Field Commander™ Configuration. If your organization uses Junxion Field
Commander software to remotely manage Junxion Boxes, you must enter the Field
Commander Configuration options on each Junxion Box. Typically, you enter Field
Commander Configuration settings for a Junxion Box before sending it out into the
field for the first time. Once you enter the correct Field Commander Configuration

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