Cellular pc card modem slot, Wi-fi antenna (jb-110b only), Power cycle button – Junxion Box JB-110B User Manual

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arrangement of colored wires at both ends, in order from left to right. Crossover cables
do not have the same arrangement of colored wires at both ends.
Additional crossover cables are available through most computer or office supply
stores as well as most resellers that offer the Junxion Box.

Cellular PC Card Modem Slot

The Junxion Box includes a slot for a cellular PC Card modem. For best results, unplug
the Junxion Box before inserting or removing a cellular modem.
If your cellular modem includes an adjustable antenna, please refer to your cellular
modem instruction manual for more details on using that antenna.

Wi-Fi Antenna (JB-110b only)

The small antenna on the back of the JB-110b is for transmitting and receiving Wi-Fi
signals. Before using the Junxion Box, make sure this antenna is upright. (The JB-110e
does not have an antenna.)

Power Cycle Button

The power cycle button is a small hole located between the status lights and the
Ethernet ports on the back of the Junxion Box. This button provides a quick way to
turn the Junxion Box power off and back on. It does not reset the configuration of
the Junxion Box. Simply insert a paper clip or similar object into the hole to press the
power cycle button.
To reset the settings on your Junxion Box, refer to the “Resetting Your Junxion Box”
chapter in this User Guide.

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