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Using the Device Manager

You can configure and customize the Junxion Box using the Device Manager. The
Device Manager is built into the Junxion Box itself, so you don’t need to install any
additional software. You can operate the Device Manager with most web browsers.
Help tips are available on each page in the Device Manager. To read a help tip for the
topic at hand, mouse-over the question mark tag.

Opening the Device Manager

Make sure you are connected to the Junxion Box.

Open your web browser.

Enter as the URL, unless you already changed the local IP
address range for the Junxion Box, in which case you must connect through the
IP address you configured <LAN IP address>/admin.

Enter a username and password when asked. The username is admin and the
default password is junxion using all lowercase letters.

To prevent others from changing the Junxion Box settings, change the Device
Manager password. See the Security Page topic below.

Status Page

The Status page is the first page you will see when you enter the Device Manager. This
page allows you to quickly check the status of the Junxion Box.
WWAN Status. Shows “Ready” when the Junxion Box is successfully connected to a
cellular data network.
Signal Strength. Indicates the signal strength of the cellular PC Card modem. The
signal strength is checked once when the cellular modem first connects to the cellular
network. To update the signal strength, reboot the WAN interface from the WAN page
in the Device Manager.

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