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Welcome. Thank you for using a Junxion Box cellular router. The Junxion Box enables
laptops, desktops and other devices to connect quickly and easily to the Internet and
remote enterprise networks using cellular data networks.
The Junxion Box uses a standard cellular PC Card modem and shares that connection
with computers and other devices through a local area network using Ethernet (and
Wi-Fi with the JB-110b).
This User Guide provides basic instructions on how to configure and operate your
Junxion Box. For additional support please visit

What’s Included with the Junxion Box?

Junxion Box

User Guide

Outlet power adapter

Two Ethernet crossover cables

What Else Do You Need to Get Started?

A compatible third-party cellular PC Card modem with a service plan from a
cellular carrier. A list of Junxion Box compatible cellular modems and cellular
carriers is included in this User Guide. Your cellular PC Card modem must be
activated. If you are not sure if your cellular modem is activated, contact your
cellular carrier or reseller.
Note. Please also read the terms and conditions of your cellular service to ensure that
your rate plan is appropriate for use with the Junxion Box.

At least one computer that supports Ethernet networking.

A web browser such as Internet Explorer 6 or later for Windows, Firefox 1.5, or
Safari. To perform firmware updates, your computer must have Java 1.4 or later

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