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WAN Interface Reboot. If you need to reboot your cellular modem, or the connection
to the Ethernet backhaul, click the Reboot button. The Junxion Box will disconnect
and reconnect onto the WAN network. LAN connections will remain active during this

LAN Page

You can change the local area network settings on the LAN page. The LAN settings
affect how your computers and other devices connect to the Junxion Box.
Each group of settings on this page has its own Apply button. After making changes to
the settings in each group, you must then click Apply to save the changes.
Ethernet Port 1 and 2 (and Wi-Fi Access Point with JB-110b). Shows the status of
the local network interfaces currently used by the Junxion Box. These will read “Ready”
if the interfaces are turned on and working correctly.
Connected Clients, IP and MAC. Displays the number of LAN devices connected
to the Junxion Box. You can view the list of IP and MAC addresses for any connected
clients from the pull down menu.
The following Wi-Fi features are only available with the JB-110b.
Wi-Fi Access Point On/Off. If you’re using the Junxion Box in an environment where
security or safety require that you disable Wi-Fi, you can turn Wi-Fi off here. The WAN
and Ethernet LAN connections will remain active.
Wi-Fi Network Name. The network name is the identifier the Junxion Box broadcasts
when Wi-Fi is on. The network name will appear as an available Wi-Fi network access
point to all Wi-Fi equipped computers within range of the Junxion Box. The default
network name is “Junxion_Box.” You can personalize this to any name of your choice,
using up to 32 letters and numbers but no special characters or spaces.
Wi-Fi Channel. The Wi-Fi access point on the Junxion Box can use any of 11 channels.
If other Wi-Fi networks are in range and operating on nearby channels, you may be
able to avoid interference by changing to a different Wi-Fi channel.
DHCP Server. By default the Junxion Box DHCP server issues IP addresses to DHCP
clients as specified here. For LAN networks using only static IP addresses, or if another
router is acting as the DHCP server for the LAN network, it is also possible to turn the
Junxion Box DHCP server off.

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