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Security Page

Most security features can be configured on the Security page. We recommend you
change the default password for the Device Manager (and enable Wi-Fi encryption if
using the JB-110b).
Each group of settings on this page has its own Apply button. After making changes to
the settings in each group, you must then click Apply to save the changes.
Device Manager Access. Allows the owner to change the Device Manager password.
By default, the password is junxion. To enter a new password, type the password into
both the Change Password and Verify Password fields and click the Apply button. This
password controls the configuration of the Junxion Box only. It does not control access
to the LAN or WAN. Passwords are case-sensitive and must be 6 to 14 characters long.
The following Wi-Fi features are only available with the JB-110b. The WEP and WPA settings
are visible if WEP or WPA is turned on.
Encryption Open, WEP, WPA. The Junxion Box supports Wired Equivalent Privacy
(WEP) and Wi-Fi Protected Access/802.11i (WPA and WPA2 Personal). Both protocols
will restrict access to the Junxion Box and protect data transmitted between the clients
and the device. WPA provides the highest level of security if all of the LAN devices on
your network support this protocol.
WEP Key Length. WEP is available with shorter 64 bit keys or longer 128 bit keys.
While 128 bit encryption provides a higher level of security, some computers and Wi-Fi
clients only support 64 bit encryption. Use a key length that is compatible with all of
the wireless clients on your network.
WEP Passphrase. You can enter your own private WEP passphrase to generate a hex
(hexadecimal) key. Treat the passphrase like a password and select one that is difficult
for others to guess. After you enter a new passphrase, click the Apply button to make
the change effective. When logging into Wi-Fi from your computer, enter the hex key,
not the passphrase. Most WEP connections only use the hexadecimal format. The
passphrase is simply used as an easy way for you to create a hex key.
Custom Hex Key. You can configure your own hex key rather than generating one
with a passphrase. Make sure your hex key only includes valid hex digits, created

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