Troubleshooting – Sony CG-FX120K User Manual

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This section describes how to solve common problems you may encounter when
using your notebook. Many problems have simple solutions, so try these
suggestions before you contact Sony PC Support (

Troubleshooting your notebook

(Windows Me only) When starting your notebook for the first time, the VAIO
InitManager dialog box will appear. Please select “OK” to begin initial setup. If
you do not execute the initial setup, you cannot use part of VAIO original
hardware functions such as Power Management tool, scroll function of touchpad,
and keyboard shortcut key function combined with the Fn key.

My notebook does not start

Check that the notebook is plugged into a power source and that it is turned
on. Check that the power indicator on the front panel of the notebook
indicates that the power is on.

Check that the battery packs are inserted properly and that they are charged.

Make sure there is no diskette in the floppy disk drive.

Confirm that the power cord and all cables are connected firmly, as described
in “Connecting a Power Source” .

If you plugged the notebook into a power strip or UPS, make sure the power
strip or UPS is turned on and working.

If you are using an external display, check that it is plugged into a power
source and turned on. Check that the brightness and contrast controls are
adjusted correctly. See the manual that came with your display for details.

Moisture condensation may have occurred. Do not use the notebook for at
least one hour and then turn on the notebook.

Take the battery pack off the notebook, unplug the power cord and plug it
again, then turn on the power.

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